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This website is an intellectual work covered by intellectual property laws and is the sole property of François Drillon. The articles published on this website are the exclusive property of their authors. Said authors and they alone are authorised to use the intellectual property rights and publicity rights connected to the contents of this website.

The reproduction of any document published on this website is authorised for information purposes only and for personal and private use only, or for information purposes in a professional context as long as the authors’ copyright is respected and that there is no manifest intention to seek financial gain from it. For example, the reproduction or transmission, even in part, of an article from this website on another website, blog or social network, even for professional information purposes, must state, or at least show clearly, the name of the author of the article and the name of this website. Furthermore, any reproduction, even in part, for commercial ends is expressly forbidden without prior, written permission from François Drillon.

2. Use of contents

Information presented on this website includes opinions and analysis. They do not claim to be exact or complete and are subject to modification or removal at any time and without warning.

We may not be held liable for the contents of any websites to which this website is linked, or that are linked to this one, nor for the use any user may make of this website.

3. Access

We do our best to ensure access to this website but are under no obligation to succeed. Access to the website may be interrupted without warning, without us becoming liable for any consequences arising from such an interruption.

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