The aim of this blog is to offer new ideas – sometimes “disruptive”, often going against the current – about B2B sales practices.

In particular, this blog promotes a simple idea: meeting with the final decision-makers at the beginning of the sales cycle is a powerful accelerator of sales performances.

This is because it enables us to sell more, faster and using fewer resources.



This blog is run by François Drillon.

The CEO of EXECUTIVE SELLING, he is a renowned B2B sales expert, who has, during his career, built up a rare combination of skills in consulting, messaging and training.

Newly-graduated from EM LYON and after a year in the great outdoors with the French army’s Chasseurs Alpins, he devoted the first 10 years of his career to providing marketing and communications advice at Publicis and then McCann. He then joined high level leadership and sales training specialists Moorgat just after the company launch. Over the next nine years, he played a major role in Moorgat’s growth.

It was then that he received a call from one of his clients, ADP, world leader in out-sourcing HR, a renowned “war machine” on a commercial level generating more than US$1 billion worth of new business every year. He set up the Sales Academy for ADP France and, three years later, joined the company’s global leadership team where he rolled out US sales learning and performance strategies in 12 countries spanning three continents.

Boosted by his experience of best international practices from the perspective of both a service-provider and a client, in 2013 he founded EXECUTIVE SELLING.

He is driven by two credos that form an equation:

  • Style and substance are but one,
  • rigour plus creativity make three.


2 Responses to “ABOUT US

  • François,

    Je te souhaite le succès que tu mérites.
    Tu peux compter sur mon soutien.

    Bien à toi.

  • Simple, direct, efficace!
    Bravo pour le concept.
    Le succès sera assurément au rdv.

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